Tuesday, November 18, 2014


For several weeks I've not had a picture on SWX, just sound. I decided it was time to solve the mystery. First I called KHQ. They said," no problem, we show a picture going out here. It must be a problem with Time-Warner Cable."

OK, fine. I called Time Warner. One customer service Representative told me it was a problem with my box. The next call was the opposite. No it couldn't be the box, we'll send out a technician They made an appointment for five days later, and told me to check often to see if the picture came back.

The day arrived. The picture was still missing after several weeks.  The repairman was puzzled and made repeated calls to the inside technicians. Finally he comes back in the house to tell me that KHQ had quietly discontinued the analog  system and just broadcasts digital High Resolution now. That my friends  is a good trick when a broadcaster fakes out a cable company.

Apparently I was the only complaint, since they kept saying they had no other customer complaints. A strange ending to a strange problem. One wonders if KHQ lowered the price they charge to Time-Warner. Such is the digital era.

Monday, November 17, 2014


I find it puzzling when I try to engage the left in a discussion about violence and firearms. While the left wing media is constant in their promotion of anti gun laws, their cousins in Hollywood are cranking out movies and computer games that are extreme in their violence.

The characters in these shows, movies and games are constantly firing at each other, mostly with automatic weapons which are illegal to posses in most cases, or blowing people up with explosives.

You cannot teach an entire generation of young people that violence is normal and expect a desensitized population to abhor death. If the left really wants to make the country safe from school shootings they should perhaps stop teaching kids to shoot others.

It this isn't a simple example of contradictory behavior then there never was one.

Friday, November 14, 2014


The situation in Ferguson, Missouri is working up to a lynch mot mentality as the public waits for the grand jury to announce their findings. Judging by the amount of activity and the statements from authority I would guess that they are getting advance notice that the grand jury will exonerate the police officer.

When/if that happens the black community will tear the town apart with the possibility that they will attempt to lynch the officer. This is where the irony falls. With the old days of the Klu Klux Klan and blacks being lynched it appears that the crowds are not looking for justice, but revenge. No voices are being heard about whether the diminutive size of the officer vs the huge black guy trying his best to beat the cop to death.

If in fact he genuinely feared for his life then as I understand it, he has the right to use deadly force. I see a tragedy unfolding here with people like the US attorney general and good old Al Sharpton, professional agitator inciting the black community. The possibility of the cop being thrown under the bus to placate the community exists, without due process.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


If you look at Sub-Saharan Africa as well as the northern territories, many countries consist of tribes that do not get along. Centuries old animosities separate these people into tribal enclaves. A country that is divided into tribal areas will not survive as a country with a central government.

Look at the Congo and surrounding tribal areas. The worst thing Belgians and other European countries did was grant them independence without a training period. No educated class, just jungle and spears that determine who rules the roost.

When Gadafi was overthrown, the country separated into warring tribal factions. Perhaps even Morocco could be in that class even though they have a stable monarchy. Originally, the Berbers called Morocco home. In later years, Arabic people moved in.

We will have either dictators or Anarchy. Counties divided by tribal loyalties will never be at peace.

The last European country to be tribal was Germany which bound by a common language managed many years ago to centralize, but the still refer to themselves as Hessians, or Bavarians, etc.

The bottom line is we have to stop trying to model other countries with other social imperatives after our own nation. It won't work and in many cases we will hand over control to the leased civilized group.  

Thursday, November 06, 2014


The most telling thing after the tidal wave of rejection the democrats received, is they still can't shut up. They believe their inherent intelligence and knowledge trumps the reasons that the electorate firmly rejected the Democratic program from Obama on down through the legislative bottleneck in the Senate. Only the stupid, the news media, (wow, really?) and those that were bought and paid for voted against them. Hogwash. They cannot possibly believe in their own propaganda.

Whining does not make you right, it just proves that if you believe in something you should support it at the polls. This mid term election was the largest political repudiation of a political left wing redistribution of wealth in my lifetime. When I despaired of the chances that common sense would break out, I misjudged the situation.

Blogs such as the Spokesman-Review Huckleberries has been hijacked by a couple dozen liberals that make such a forum appear that they lead in opinion. Not so. The intelligent conservative just stopped trading opinions with the shrill overly emotional mode of debate.

Starting a debate response by suggesting that others are stupid, uninformed and worst, begs the question that instead they should just state their views in a non-corrosive way. So what we have, is a lopsided debate from the left with just two or three conservatives participating. This vote total belies their entire argument. Rather than attempting to debate with quarrelsome people that wouldn't agree which direction the sun comes up from, it just makes sense to quit participating as a victim in your own hatchet job.

Monday, November 03, 2014


I met Wayne back in the 1970's when his dealership was on 4th st. in Coeur d'Alene. Having spent a few years in Southern California, I had learned some new skills while in the car business there. I was what they called an "F & I "man. This position had never been tried in North Idaho at that time.

Wayne hired me as F& I, lease mgr, credit mgr and assistant sales manager. With all of those hats, I was successful in many ways that the store hadn't seen before. Jealousies arose, especially the the Englishman  that was office manager and the new car sales manager that felt somewhat threatened.

The manager bushwhacked me. Prior to a sales meeting he instructed me to scold the sales staff for lack of production. In one of my less than intelligent moves I didn't see it coming. 30 minutes later, a staff believing that I was operating on my own, went to Wayne who had my final check in his hand. So the world isn't always fair.

There were fun times, too. I got to record some radio commercials with the local radio station, then owned by Hagadone. One spring day we piled into a four place Piper aircraft which I was licensed to fly and flew to Tri-cities for the auction. Back in the day, when the used car lot was knee deep in snow, to say business was slow was an understatement. When the snow melted in the Spring, the used car lots had little inventory.

The demand for used cars was such that one wholesaler that I worked with in Southern California who was present, marveled that his cars were selling at retail prices, such was the imbalance of the market in the Spring. We flew back without a purchase.

I went on to become a wholesale life insurance representative, which product, credit life &disability was featured. My clients were car dealers and banks. At the time of the Sunshine mine disaster, I added credit life to a contract for a miner. It was a salmon colored car, a Chrysler product if I remember right. The miner went down into the mine on his next shift and never came back. Although his widow probably was in mourning, I had the satisfaction of telling her the car would be paid off in full.

Several years later I was traveling for another Insurance company when I got into trouble. I had smashed my finger carrying a freezer through a narrow doorway and got pain medication from a doctor. The next morning I was scheduled to drive from Seattle to Idaho where my young son and Mom lived near Tensed. Back then it was legal to have open containers while driving. I would stop in Colfax, pick up some meat for dinner and headed up the hill into Idaho. It was a hot day and I opened the first of two beers I allowed myself while driving.

When I reached the home of my ex, they weren't there. So after waiting for an hour, and coincidentally after I finished off the beer and hit hwy 95 toward Coeur d'Alene. Unfortunately, I hadn't stopped in George for lunch and to put a point to it, was drunk. I hit a gravelly shoulder and sun out onto a hay field that had be harvested.

The farmer's wife called the ISP and I was taken to the old jail which sat where the administration building now is. The booking sergeant seemed to feel that I didn't belong in a cell and offered to call anyone I knew that would post the $500 bail. The only person I could think of was Wayne Knudtsen. They called him at home and he drove in to the car lot, opened the safe and proceeded to bail me out. I told him years later that I hadn't called him recently, because I never again made that mistake. The county prosecutor seemed to like me when I went in the next day and told the presiding judge to give me a deferred prosecution. To this day I have never been guilty of driving while intoxicated.

For a guy that only worked for him a little over a year, to then five years later bail me out, well, that was Wayne.


So far this morning I have received 5 robo-calls and the day is young. I have a system. If caller ID can't, I let the answering machine take the call. Vick touting Barbieri, (talk about preaching to the choir) etc.

I wonder how many frazzled voters change their votes to represent a negative reaction to being bothered. I'm betting that it loses more votes than gains. But then I have my candidates picked out already and don't need help figuring who to support.

By tomorrow, it will be over and some that seasonally practice insanity will hopefully return to earth. I'm being criticized for backing Ybarra.  So far, she has proven she isn't a polished politition that were she, would have had better campaign advice. Two things im;press me as to the raw talent I see. One, her lack of sophistication politically. We have sent way to many smoothies to the legislature and more.

Her opponent is smooth, experienced and will fight for union goals. ...  Not kids.

Fasten your seat belts and this election may be a huge turning point in our country's history.  

Friday, October 31, 2014


It seems to me to be a double standard where the president is dragging his political feet on the Canadian application for a pipeline from the shale oil fields, while his constituents, if in fact there are any, scream daily  about oil trains transiting Spokane. Duh, this seems quite simple. Build the freakin' pipeline and reduce oil trains.

The price of gasoline has precipitously dropped in the last month or two. Supply and demand rules. Putting a plug in the system at the well heads is counter-productive to say the least. Unfortunately, if another serious accident occurs, the president will ignore his role in making oil transportation safe and blame it on everyone else, which come to think about it, is his MO.

It would serve us right if Canada went ahead with plans to build a pipeline to the British Columbia coast. Their own version of the Sierra Club seems to hear the wake-up call and is protesting this plan. If in fact they do build, all of their oil will ship to China, at our expense.

Another possibility is building a refinery in Calgary to separate components such as diesel, gasoline, propane, etc. and shipping the finished product.

Bottom line, stupidity should not be the rule. Build that pipeline!


As I waded through this morning's S/R I reflected upon the similarities between nasty lies, half truths and outright statistics.

The juvenile behavior of most of the candidates is shameful, and those that vote for the worst offenders are equally shamed. There was in the true test of a good story, scandalous "If it bleeds it leads," type stories, none of which were either entertaining, informative or objective.

The respected Boise political writer, Betsy Russell, normally objective, leaped out of her image to actively campaign against Ybarra in the Superintendent of Education race. Ybarra is a bit of a loose cannon with her innocence showing. Wow! What a contrast to the viperous candidates in other races.

Betsy, let us think for ourselves. Go back to what you do best. Objective reporting and quit the campaign of her rival.

This next four days will see a week-end of frivolity in costume, followed by a tense two days of shouting insults lies and statistics at us besieged readers. Personally, I'll take the witches over all of the candidates combined.

Not to forget, the Captain's Wheel in Bayview, is reviving a long tradition of Halloween parties, Saturday night. Dress as a Ghoul, of come as you are. It's Party time. Live music, too.