Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I read her obituary today and just didn't see Mom there. I called her Mom, but she was actually the mother of Ralph Jones, owner of Ralph's Coffee House and Eatery in Bayview, Idaho. Since she moved to Bayview from her prior home in California she has been a fixture in Bayview.

She loved to gamble at the Coeur d'Alene Casino, watch Mariner games and just hang out at Ralph's. She hit a jackpot for several hundred dollars just days before she was felled by Pneumonia, and went quickly with her family at her side. Just three days previously she was holding court at Ralph's Café.

People that didn't know her would be in a world of hurt if they spoke ill of son Ralph when she was present. They were either very brave or very foolish. Mom was extremely loyal and in addition to being Ralph's Mom was was also his best friend and cheer leader. In her mind Ralph could do anything.  She was usually right.

Mom died at a ripe age of 90 years old.  She smoked incessantly throughout her life, but it never affected her health until of course the end. Blanche will be carried home to California by her son Ralph later this week where she will spend eternity next to her husband Bryon who died in 1984.

Up until I first met Blanche I never called anyone Mom but my own. Somehow it just seemed natural. Mom, you will be missed by many.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Yesterday's declaration that those in the GOP are all KKK members or sympathizers was a sorry end to a great athlete's career. How any objective person come up with this conclusion says litle about logical conclusions and perhaps more about dementia of an 80 year old.

I have been a fan of three great players, all of which played during my adult lifetime. Hammering Hank, Willie Mays and most of all, Jackie Robinson. They were/are all black. I have never thought about race when picking favorites. That he spun this frustration and bitterness, however deserved, does not do him as proud as the career he had under, yes, some terrible racial prejudice.

That many on Huckleberries chose to either spin it into another area, rather than objectively stayed on the issue, was  sad. I thought there were more sensible people on the blog than were observed.

I did not question his great career, nor his fight against racial prejudice. The point was, "are all Republicans that oppose President Obama members of KKK." That so many thought to dodge this in favor of shooting at the right is a testimony to the rank prejudice of the left against any beliefs other than theirs even to the extent of falsifying an issue.

I am a Republican. I am not a racist. I have never belonged to, or sympathized with the KKK. I dislike the president on his own lack of merit, not the color of his skin. This was the issue, not any other that some chose to spin. Disagree with me? Fine. Call me names? not fine.

Yesterday and today showed that there are more people that need to get a life than I ever thought before.

Monday, April 07, 2014


The co-founder of Mozilla, a very successful internet  entity, Firefox was forced out of his position as Mozilla CEO. Brendan Eich who's imagination and tenacity made Firefox the nation's most popular internet window was forced out because six years ago, 2008, he donated $1000 to a political group that supported heterosexual marriage.

It was pointed out by a conservative wag tonight that even Obama in 2008 favored only a man and a woman as a legitimate marriage. This, fascist, lynch mob attack on an honorable man not because he didn't perform his duties properly, but because he fell to the groundswell of righteous same sex proponents of marriage.

I am not coming out in favor of banning any marriages between two consenting adults. (with a possible exception to marriages between brother and sister.) How about  the church of later day saints. Will they explore a return to poligamy? After all, the U.S. Government forced Utah to ban pluralistic marriages as the price of statehood.That principle is out the window for sure.

It isn't good enough for these people that won their fight for legality to just marry. Now they are hell bent for apparently outlawing the rest of us. Attitudes change, but in one generation we are throwing the baby out with the bathwater. What gave the liberal press and their ilk the right to essentially change everything that has gone before in order to achieve liberties that our founding fathers would have not even thought an issue.

Sudenly families don't matter, regigious people are being ridiculed and values no longer count. I would bet that a majority of homosexuals and lesbians would be aghast at the ouster of this inovater just because he donated money where his values lie.

The danger here isn't Mr. Eich's beliefs. It is that an entire civilization is teetering at the abyss, throwing out long standing values without a new road map to take it's place.  I am totally against, not persons of non-standard sexuality. I believe these folks were born this way and did not choose.  Having said that, they do not have a license for revolutionary war either. And is it they that did this, or was it the ultra-liberal mantra that pervades in silicon valley and the rest of that pit of  revolutionaries.

The sixties have caught up with us even more disruptively than we thought back then. The permissive attitude that ;prevailed carried on to parenthood, now nothing is sacred anymore. Not even the sacred.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Flight 370

The constant press coverage of the loss of flight 370 has kind of turned into a hysterical need for news. that the entire search is being held in ridicule due to the old "Calling Wolf," syndrome.

The coupling of diverse countries not used to coordinating, has made the search even more bizarre.

Finally, the hard news of the frequency of the pings from the flight recorders has everyone cautious.
The frequency of 37.5 is one that is not replicated in any other use. If the Chinese ship picked up the  signals from this place, it is a known factor, not a rumour. This frequency was chosen so that other radio influences and biologicals would not interfere.

The bottom line is how helpful the Chinese are in sharing specific coordinates. The world wide use of the satellite system of navigation is very precise. Triangulating signals should not be a problem, unless, the Chinese use this as a political tool. We have only 2 or 3 days before the batteries will have died.

We can only hope that the Chi-Coms do not have an unusual plan.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014


It seems that the neighborhood between Howard Road and Lone Moose Road, are up in arms over an attempt by Verizon to erect a cell tower. It seems that regardless of the need of others, these people are aghast that They might glance over and see the blinking lights on the tower.

Another issue is the proximity of an air field on Howard Road. The obvious danger to aircraft in the area is real.

What isn't, is the attitude of the cellular company. The residents of Bayview and other areas nearby are starving for cell service. Recent offers by both Bayview Sewer & Water District and land owner, Dick Hansen reveal a willingness to have such a tower on their land.

In the mean time, the Log B & B plus neighbors are still bleating over having a cell tower blend in with their trees. I see a smidgen of selfishness here, but hey, I live in Bayview.

Friday, March 28, 2014


Jim Brannon is the Kootenai County Clerk, a position he was recently appointed to after the preceding clerk suddenly died. There are many sub-departments under the clerk but I am going to zero in on just one.

The county clerk is  in charge of elections. This position by it's very nature must be very neutral regarding candidacies. I have heard from several very reliable sources that Brannon is running for precinct committeeman and is also running for election to the office he was appointed to and now serves.

Perhaps the most egregious acts reported to me is that he is offering to walk precincts with precinct committeeman, in favor of what ever candidate he and the committeeman are in agreement with'

Another point is why is this elected official electioneering on county time?

I am ot sure about the legal issues,  not being an attorney, but I am slam dunk sure it is a moral one. If this man wants to be elected to this office, it would be real swell if he checked his moral compass. 

Friday, March 21, 2014


It seems that the last dog days of winter finds the grim reaper ready and able.

We lost two huge citizens in the recent past. Not huge in size, but in stature.

First Lanny Spurlock, who was often referred to as Mayor for life in Athol, indeed was, since he died in office after nineteen years as mayor. He was a gentle common as an old shoe kind of guy. No big shot in him at all. He recognized the need for Athol to stay small due to the preponderance of  lower priced homes in the city. Folks that couldn't have kept their homes if they had to pay for sewers.

H stood firmly against expansion, knowing that the one place in the county that lower income people could live, was Athol. The septic  system they are on is at about capacity for today's rules.

When I first announced the Athol Daze parade, he dropped by to appoint me as announcer for life. He apparently thought I did a passable job, and he liked lifetime appointments. I'll be there again this Summer, in honor of Mayor for life, Lanny Spurlock, as long as I'm able and wanted.

The second was a tragedy, involving one of Coeur d'Alene's finest attorneys. He tried many cases that were high profile, such as rhe federal trial of Sheriff Frank Crnkovich. for racketeering. He was charged with ignoring gambling and prostitution in the County. Yes he did. Those vices were long a tradition in this mining community where the young single miners outnumbered the population's families. For over 100 years these things were woven into the fablic of Wallace life. In several cases, the madams donated to community causes. He was acquitted.

Sam Eismann, attorney was once a U.S. attorney, a state legislator and practiced law for almost 50 years as a criminal defense specialist. He was a boon to prison overcrowding. Sam died March 16 early in the morning of hypothermia and subsequent drowning, according to the Kootenai County Sheriff Department. Sam owned a float home in Bayview which he stayed in regularly and from which he drowned. He loved Lake Pend Oreille and the village of Bayview, and Bayview loved him back.